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Last November SHACC co-founder and all around legendary human Dick Metz sat down for a chat on The Longboardarian Podcast to talk story and share the immense history he’s been fortunate enough to be part of throughout his 90-plus years on this blue planet. So, if you’re interested in the way it was, spend an hour listening to the man that lived it all.

Episode Description:

Legend of legends, Mr. Dick Metz. Born in 1929, raised and groomed in Laguna Beach, CA. I am pretty certain that Dick is the oldest active accomplished surf entrepreneur, surf traveler, historian, preservationist and adrenaline junkie out there. At 90 years old, I was impressed with Dick’s sharp mind and ability to https://shacc.org his past. Every other sentence he would say something that popped my eyes wide open.

This man has a long list of successes and experiences that make him, in my mind, a true godfather of surfing. He is probably best known for being the Co-founder of Hobie Surf Shops throughout the US, however he was and still is very much an entrepreneur and an adventurer. He managed and started many businesses throughout his life including investing in real estate. He still goes out in the ocean and the mountains for skiing or dirt bike riding. Inadvertently, he served as a surf location surf scout when his surf travels in the 50’s to places like Africa helped Bruce Brown’s Endless Summer Movie in regards to shoot locations.

He now spends many of his hours contributing to his museum Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center. A must visit to any surf nerd or surf history buff.

Topics discussed: His beginnings in surfing Arrival of fiberglass Arrival of Foam George Freeth Surfboard Design Timeline Phil Edwards Gerry Lopez Longboarding and way more….!

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