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Dick Metz Founder and Board Member

Dick Metz, Board Member and Founder, has supplied the vision for the SHF and the initial funding. Central to the mission, Dick has donated his extensive surfboard collection, and bequeathed his estate to Surfing Heritage. Dick, who grew up in Laguna Beach as a buddy of such notables as Hobie Alter, Reynolds Yater, and Hevs McClelland, is himself a pioneering figure in our sport and industry. As the driving force behind Surfline Hawaii and the Hobie Sports retail chain, and as the traveling surfer who cross-pollinated a fledgling South African surf scene with Hobie and Gordon Clark in California, and suggested to Bruce Brown that he film for The Endless Summer in South Africa, Metz has changed the course of surf history. Now, his goal is to preserve it.

Spencer Croul – Co-Founder & Co-Chair

Spencer Croul, Co-Founder, Board Member, grew up surfing in Newport Beach, California in the early 1970’s, bicycling to the beach with surfboard in tow. A San Diego State University graduate in Recreation Administration Management, he earned his Associate of Arts degree at Orange Coast College after graduating from Newport Harbor High School in 1974. He worked 15 years in the private sector as a foam packaging designer and later in the family paint manufacturing business before finding and pursuing his passion as a Surf Culture Preservationist. Bringing foundation management experience to the Surfing Heritage, he also serves on the board of his family’s Foundation. He has amassed his own private collection of historical surfing artifacts, and brings not only his collection to the Surfing Heritage but also his vast knowledge in surfing collectibles and surfing history. Presently residing in Newport Beach, California, he is married to Susan Croul, has two children and continues to surf whenever possible.

Founding Partners:

Fernando Aguerre, Hobie Alter, Nick and Terri Bacica, Dick and Una Baker, Larry and Louise Balma, Bob Baugher, Jim and Linda Biram, the Bill Blackburn family, the Brewer family, Bruce Brown, the Cachia family, Jon Checkie, Mark Christy, Ed Clapp, Bing Copeland, William Crawford, Donnie Crevier, Jack Croul, Brad Croul, Gary Dapelo, the Greg Dillion family, Ron Jon Dimenna, Joe and Ellie Dunn, Howard Ecker, the Engh family, Keith and Chris Eshelman, Bob Estes, the Etherton family, Mike Feder, Mike Fox, the Mark Fragale family, Randy French, Mike Gerard, Robert and Robin Gerard, Sam and Teresa Gornto, Louis Graziadio, Don Hansen, Jeffery Harris, the George Hawn family, David Heath, Randy and Debbie Hild, Flippy Hoffman, Walter Hoffman, Thomas Holbrook, Rob Insinger, John Insinger, Mark Kehke, Wing Lam, Cecil and Mary Lou Lear, Chris Lee, Jay Longely, Pat Magee, Mike Mann, the Bob Mardian family, Tony and Carrol Mardian, Mike and Sharon Marshall, Takuji Masuda, John and Robby Mazza, Judy McGill, Bob McKnight, Gordon and Lisa Michie, Richard and Vicki Mobley, Dickie Moon, Denny Moore, Bev Morgan, Paul Naude, Greg Newman, Rick Novak, David Alan, the Pat O’Neill family, the Tom Peck family, Steve and Debee Pezman, Dan Pincetich, Davie Reese, Mahi and Robert Riley, Thomas and Carrie Rolfes, Peter Rothschild, Jeff Sangster, the Sandy Saxten family, Wayne Schafer, Ernie Schneider, Ron and Lona Sharp, Doug Simpson, Ralph Simmonds, Earl Smith, Griff Snyder, Larry Stone, Joe Tabler, the Thibaut family, Bill and Peggy Thrailkill, George and Nina Trosset, Joe Twombly, Butch VanArtsdalen, Dale Velzy, Hank Weeks, Michael Whitaker, the Duffy Whitmer family, Charles Wilson, Renny Yater

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