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SHACC’s new online collection database is https://shacc.emuseum.com/. It is constantly updated.

  • All visitors to https://shacc.emuseum.com/ can view the FAVORITES module which includes various curated collections.
  • Current SHACC Members have access to view the entire online collection.


See the images to the right as a reference for creating a login.

  • Once in eMuseum (https://shacc.emuseum.com/) click the “Sign In” and then “Create a login”. You may receive a message saying a code will be sent to you- please disregard this.
  • When your account is activated, you will receive an email saying you have access (please allow 24 hours for this email). Once you receive that email you will be able to login and view the entire database.

If you are not a current member please visit- https://shacc.org/membership/


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