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Surf 2 Skate

About the Exhibit

Surf2Skate covers the origins of skateboarding; from sidewalk surfing and the early surf shop skate teams of the 1960s through the 70s and the Dog Town skating/surfing cross influences.

Curated by Dale Smith (Sausage Man).

View historic items from Dale and the collections of Alva SurfCraft, Marc “Buggs” Arico, Larry Balma and Tracker, Warren Bolster, Art Brewer, Kim Cespedes, Ron Church, Spencer Croul, Jeff Divine, Jim Evans, John Freis, Gordon & Smith, Jim Gray, David Hackett, Stanton Hartsfield, Todd Huber (Skatelab/Skateboard Hall of Fame), Brad Logan, Brian Logan, Jim O’Mahoney, Patti McGee, Bev Morgan, Nathan Pratt, Denis Shufeldt, CR Stecyk, Ron Stoner/SURFER Mag, and Laura Thornhill.

We are also showcasing some never before seen early images of Rick Griffin and his “Bun Board” series of skate cartoons.

Exhibit closes end of January, 2018.