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The Celluloid History of Surfing

About the Exhibit

We’re picking up where we left off before covid with our “Celluloid History of Surfing” exhibit. This exhibit had been open for a matter of days before the whole world came crashing down. So, we’re bringing it back!

From Bud Browne, Bruce Brown and John Severson, to modern masters like Thomas Campbell, Taylor Steele and Kai Neville, the “Celluloid History of Surfing” is an in-depth look at the filmmakers and movies that shaped the sport, culture and and lifestyle of surfing.

No other artistic medium has informed and influenced the sport, culture and lifestyle of surfing quite like filmmaking. From early, grainy black and white footage to the schmaltz of Beach Blanket surfsploitation movies to award winning productions like Momentum Generation, surf movies have brought the stoke to the people. Come celebrate the history of surf cinema at SHACC!