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Come check out our new exhibit- Under the Radar!

History is seldom fair and surfing is no exception. Over the past half century, the sport, industry, and media has largely been dominated by men. They sat as presidents of companies, organizers of contests and editors of magazines. Of course, there have been a few female exceptions, but in large part, women’s modern contribution to the sport, culture and lifestyle have flown “under the radar.”

For every Rell Sunn, Jericho Poppler or Lisa Andersen that dared to put a crack in the glass ceiling, there have been countless other women right there behind them, they just didn’t get the credit that they deserved. Gail Couper, Joey Hamasaki, and Mary Lou Drummy are but a few of the women celebrated in our newest exhibit here at the Surfing Heritage and Culture Center.

Shining light on the myriad of contributions from surfing’s unsung female heroes, history may not always be fair, but thanks to all of the women you see here (and many more that aren’t featured), the future is a lot brighter.

Participants are Becky Benson · Blanche Benson-Yoshida · Pam Burridge ·Mary Carlston · Lisa Carulli · Jeannie Chesser · Gail Couper · Sheri Crummer · Nancy Emerson · Chelsea Georgeson-Hedges · Joey Hamasaki · Gwyn Haslock · MaryAnne Hayes · Betty Heldreich · Prue Jeffries · Ethel Kukea-Harrison · Josette Lagardere · Mary Lou McGinnis-Drummy · Duline McGough · Pauline Menczer · Nancy Nelson · Sandy Ordille · Patti Paniccia · Cher Pendarvis · Brenda Scott Rogers · Sophia Tiaré-Bartlow · Judy Trim · Sharron Weber · Vicki Williams (Flaxman) · Candice Woodward

Special Event for Exhibit 

Saturday, Feb. 4th from 6-9

Free for All Ages

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